Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On Doing B'Dikas Chometz On Time

It seems that my wife and I can never get our act together. No matter how carefully we plan beforehand, we can never seem to get to B'dikas Chometz on time. And when I say "not on time," I'm not talking an hour or two past sundown. The last few years, we've averaged getting to B'dikas Chometz at about five or six AM. This year was good - we were ready for the B'dikah by 3:30. And of course, I felt kind of funny about making a B'racha on the B'dika (haven't I, in essence, been doing a B'dika/Biur for the last ten hours?)

Are there other people that have this problem as well, or it is peculiar to my family?

The Wolf


Menuval said...

If it's any comfort, we've never made it as early as 3:30. If we did, it's only because we simply left out the kitchen!

Glad to see we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we will do better with our B'dikat Chametz timing next year Husband.