Monday, October 17, 2005

On Seven Things...

I've been tagged by Krum, so here goes:

7 Things I Can Do:
  • Lain - anything (OK, not Tehillim, Mishlei or Iyov). But anything else I can do - regular, RH/YK, Megillos, etc.
  • Write mirror image - a more-or-less useless habit I picked up in college.
  • Make my wife laugh - pretty good considering how long we've been together.
  • Design Games - I enjoy creating games - every step from designing the rules and concepts to prototyping the parts. I don't enjoy marketing them, however, so I don't.
  • Explain complicated concepts simply - I can generally explain almost anything to almost anyone (provided I understand what it is I'm explaining, of course).
  • Keep my mouth shut - I'm very good at keeping confidences, and I know well that one learns far more by keeping one's mouth shut rather than flapping it on every occassion.
  • Relate well with children - of almost any age. Many adults I know don't know how to deal with infants, toddlers, schoolage chilren or teenagers. I can easily relate to and communicate with any of them.

7 Things I Can't Do:
  • Carry a tune - I can lain decently, but beyond that, not too much. I used to be able to sing nicely until my voice changed as a teenager. I still enjoy singing, but I know that it's not too good.
  • Meet people in a crowded room - I'm terribly shy in large groups. If I'm at a large group where I don't know most of the people there - just look for a guy standing in the corner by himself - it's me.
  • Judge distances visually - for some reason, if you hold your hands apart, I can't estimate how far it is. Same thing with larger distances. I know my sukkah is 8 by 12, but if I didn't know it from the start, I'd never be able to guess it.
  • Speak very quickly - I start stumbling over my words (except when I lain the Tochacha, which I can do *very* quickly and clearly)
  • Stand on my hands - I've been trying since I was a kid.
  • Build anything with my hands - I am the most unhandy person on the face of the earth.
  • Make a decision when there is no real difference - if my wife asks me to choose between two outfits for her and they both look equally nice on her, I simply cannot make the choice.

7 Things I Hope To Do In My Life:
  • Teach my children to be good, honest, warm, caring human beings (far above anything else I hope to accomplish with my life)
  • Learn more Torah
  • Write a fantasy or children's book or two
  • Learn to build something
  • Learn safrus - all my years of laining has given me a deep appreciation of safrus and I really hope to learn the craft someday. So far, my search for a teacher has been futile.
  • Make my wife the happiest person on the face of the earth for many, many, many years.
  • Win the lottery

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Rebeljew said...

"if my wife asks me to choose between two outfits for her and they both look equally nice on her, I simply cannot make the choice"

If they truly are the same in my eyes, then the choice is automatic. I tell her I like the more expensive one on her. She will invariably keep the other one. ;)