Friday, November 11, 2005

Is It Just Me?

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't read the article. I'm simply commenting on the headline.

The Yated, in it's coverage of the unrest in France has an article titled A Realistic Solution to the Moslem Problem.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a real problem with this? The headline sounds an awful lot like "A Final Solution to the Jewish Problem." While I don't doubt that the Yated probably has problems with Muslims in general, I find it very odd that they chose just this sort of headline. Mind you, if a Muslim newspaper had a similar headline about Jews, I'm fairly certain we'd be hearing about it all over the media.

The Wolf


Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

In fairness, "the Jewish problem" and the search for the "solution" occupied much of Europe for the 19th century,including many Jews who recognized the "Jewish problem" and also sought a solution.

Nazi Germany didn't invent the phrase, and their answer was the "Final Solution" i.e. murder.

There IS a Muslim problem in Europe today, just as there WAS a Jewish problem--namely, how to integrate the Jewish population--then.

PS did you get my email?

Little Wolf said...

Brother Wolf:

While I understand you feeling on the headline, and I agree if the headline said Jewish instead of Moslem, that Jews all over the world would be going crazy. I am not sure that I personally have a problem with the headline, actually I think the headline is vaguely humorous mostly do to the venue in which it appeared. (Sort of due to the Juxtaposition that you are pointing out.)

Critically Observant Jew said...

I see what you're trying to convey about the headline, but I think that what's more amusing about the article is what it advocates: "The only solution that seems reachable and practical is an application of the venerable Jewish "golus mentality" of reaching an accommodation with a difficult reality and learning to live with it — to make the best of things." Please, if you consider that you don't have a right to statehood or sovereignty right now - don't say that nations cannot claim sovereignty.