Saturday, January 07, 2006

We All Had A Good Laugh

S1 (a 12-year old boy) received an invitation in the mail today to enter this contest.

Alas, the perils of not having a common, American, gender-specific name. :)

The Wolf


Chana said...

Oh, dear.

I was invited to enter the Miss America Jr. Beauty Pageant one year...

But yes, the perils indeed.

I wonder what happens with the French- they have so many names that are unisex. Michel, for instance.

Even here, we have unisex names- Noah or Yonah for instance- I know boys and girls carrying those names. ;)

Hope S1 doesn't succumb to a state of shock...

queeniesmom said...

What a way to start the new week!

Hope S1 has recovered from his state of bewilderment.

Shavoah Tov!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a good laugh. Our S1 receives fairly regular credit card offers. I'm wondering what else is coming in the future.

Anonymous said...

Actually, queeniesmom, he was quite amused by it. He started to fill out the application form. In the "pastimes" section, he listed " trying to convince people that I am NOT a girl." The only thing keeping him from actually sending the thing in was that they wanted (gasp!) @ $380 to enter the paegent (not to mention the $20 application fee!)

queeniesmom said...

Great sense of humor! Hope all appreciate it.

Have a great week!