Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brianna On The "ruination" Of A Good BY Girl

Deliciously sarcastic, and spot on.

The Wolf


Zev Stern said...

Tragic, and the same goes for boys. Keep the outside world off limits or your little darling might come home with questions like "Is the earth really billions of years old?" and "Are we really related to chimpanzees?" Or they might get the strange notion that they're supposed to earn a living and support a family, and not parasitize their or their wives' parents until they die.

Anonymous said...

In far too many sectors of our world, thinking and textual literacy ( knowing "it") have been replaced by an emphasis on how one looks, illiteracy in our basic texts and viewing any other valid approaches within the Mesorah as against Daas Torah and the Charedi catechism that has emerged on issues ranging from Jewish history to Zionism to how to understand Parshanut and Aggados Chazal.

In fact, the notion that all young women must view success in terms of a husband in kollel or that a young man is a success only if he is learning in kollel for as long as possible is a highly questionnable proposition. First of all, Chazal emphasize that everyone must find their own niche within Torah, Avodah and Gmilus Chasadim. Hopefully, the author of Brianna's Blog will be able to find her own niche as well.

brianna said...

First of all, I'd like to state publically that I am honored by The Wolf's link.

And Steve, thanks for the bracha. I don't see myself ever having a niche - it's something I've kind of accepted. But no one smart ever said being an individual is easy.