Friday, July 06, 2007

8 Things

Well, no one has tagged me with the 8 Things Meme. Since I'm probably the last blogger in the universe who hasn't been tagged yet, I'll just go ahead and do it anyway. :)

1. When in college, I started taking notes in mirror-image for no particular reason at all. I got pretty good at writing neatly in mirror-image -- a useless skill that I still have to this day.

2. As a hobby, I design board games.

3. There was a period of my life for about three years where I did not speak to my father, something I greatly regret to this day and which still somewhat overshadows our relationship.

4. I'm terribly uncomfortable in crowds, especially the type where I don't know anyone. If I'm at a large gathering, look for the person standing alone in the corner trying his best to avoid everyone. That's me.

5. I love photography. I take pictures just about everywhere. Perhaps I'll even put up a link to some of my better ones. And I love my new camera, the Canon S3 IS. It's not an SLR (can't afford one), but it's pretty close.

6. I only dated two women in my life. The first one went on two dates with me. The second one was her best friend. She's the one I married. (And, yes, it was all OK)

7. I went to a sleepaway camp (Camp Surprise Lake) for the first time in the summer of 1979. During my three weeks there, I got a small log and had all the people in the camp sign it. I still have the log and most of the signatures are still readable.

8. Before becoming a computer professional 10 years ago, I was a computer salesman/rental agent, customer service agent at an electronics retailer, Emergency Medical Technician, advertising copywriter, life insurance agent, and advertising salesman. In college, I majored in Television and Radio production, but never got a job in it professionally.

Since I'm pretty sure that I'm the last blogger in the universe who hasn't done this, there's no one left to tag. However, if you've been left out somehow, consider this your tag.

The Wolf


Chana said...

Hey, I'm sorry I didn't tag you!

This is a very interesting list. I enjoy your mirror-image writing skill. :-)

Ezzie said...

Heh. Somehow I knew Chana would like that one...

I'm with you on #5. In my 2 years in Israel, I took 1,500+ pictures - and that wasn't a digital camera.

#6 - In a long, complicated series of events, I basically dated 3 people. The first was for a few years without really going out on a date ever; the next was her roommate from seminary for a week (and that wasn't so good - the first was none too pleased); and the last was Serach. Meanwhile, we're best friends with the first one's sister, who we set up with my own roommate from Israel. In fact, Serach's on the phone with her as I write this.

How's that for convoluted? :)

smoo said...

Actually I did tag you I just was to lazy to tell you. Truly, see my site at

Miriam said...

Hi Wolf -I found your blog from a comment you left....I don't remember where. But I'm glad to find it!

Looking forward to seeing your pics!