Sunday, December 23, 2007

Newest Developments In The Frum World

From Yeshiva World News comes today's newest development in the Orthodox Jewish world. The headline from the article reads:

London: Frum Car Gets Carjacked, Woman Injured.

Who knew that there were frum cars?

The Wolf


Jack Steiner said...

There is a special place in olam habah for Frum cars.

Zach Kessin said...

There is a special place in olam habah for Frum cars.
The parking lot?

Rafi G. said...

frum cars have separate seating, only glatt snacks, and lots of kids

Anonymous said...

Of course there are frum cars: Chevy and Nissan.
But really, when you hit the accelerator the car goes "froom froom!"
But seriously folks, cars can be very frum. In fact, my car keeps drifting to the right.
But really, some cars really create an atmosphere that makes you want to daven.
But seriously folks, my car - I put in enough gas to last eight days and a miracle! It only lasts for one.
But really now, my car is so frum that it's in kollel. It doesn't work all week long.

FrumSatire2 said...

My car radio only plays yiddish music, and the gps only takes me through frum neighborhoods, and will not park in front of untznius woman

-suitepotato- said...

Had the woman in the backseat been the owner's mother-in-law, the thief would have been thrown from the car according to the story, not the wife, and in reality he would have jumped to avoid the nagging and backseat driving. Or maybe that's just my mother-in-law and wife...

Michael Koplow said...

Or maybe a frum car is one that uses Chevron gasoline.

And I forgive Linkeleh for beating me to the part about cars going "froom froom." (Honest, I really was planning on saying that.)