Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blog Roundup

I don't normally do "blog roundups", but there were a number of great posts that I just don't have the time to comment on today (perhaps another day).

Michelle at In My Humble Jewish Opinion talks about another silly shidduch issue -- that some girls won't go out with a boy whose mother doesn't cover their hair.

ProfK, at Conversations in Klal, discusses the idea that seems to be circulating that the concept of retirement isn't Jewish.

Lastly, Little Frumhouse on the Prairie gives us a look at what happens when Pesach prep is taken too far.

(Oh yeah, and check out my post today).

The Wolf


frumhouse said...

Thanks for the link! I will check out the other posts you recommended.

ProfK said...

Yes, thanks for the link. The other postings were quite worthwhile reading.