Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey, Vos Iz Neias... What's Up?

Vos Iz Neias reports today on the article in New York Magazine about Gitty, the run-away wife from Kiryas Joel. In his write up, the VIN editor says (bolding mine):

Monroe, NY - Yet another hate-filled, biased and anti-religious article appeared in the New York media this week— under the headline ‘Escape From the Holy Shtetl’ one that for obvious reasons was not reprinted by VIN News but which stoked a firestorm of controversy.

That's fine and well, except that I know that it's not true. VIN not only reported the article, but even reprinted a part of it yesterday. I know this because it was because of the VIN article (which I got through my RSS feed) that I first heard of the story. It was reported that day under the headline "Kiryas Joel, NY - NY Magazine: Rebellious Woman Who Left Community Fights For Her Child." The article must have been taken down shortly after it was printed, because when I went to the page, it was no longer there.

I commented on the VIN piece, advising the author that his claim was not true. All I really wanted was that he should correct the post (he could say that he retracted the post). Instead, my comment has been removed and thrown down the memory hole.

What's he trying to hide? Interestingly, the VIN poster calls the NY Magazine author "holier-than-thou" and then lies saying (in effect) "but we would never reprint this" when, in fact, VIN did just that. Why not just correct the post?

The Wolf


G said...


Because it never happened...Do you hear me, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

-suitepotato- said...

Whoa, devestating part a bit further down the VIN article:

"Granted, there are issues in Kiryat Joel—issues that have even lifelong KJ natives growing increasingly restless, though “symptoms” is possibly the better appellation—primarily, the troglodyte terrorists, and perverts who call themselves the Vaad HaTznius. Neither trained in civil service nor licensed in any of the mental-health arts, this nameless, faceless goon squad perpetrates the vilest of home invasions, acts of intimidation and utter lack of classic Jewish ‘mentchlichkeit’ in their misguided Mafia tactics in a war long lost.

It is high time for the death of the Vaad HaTznius as we now know it—and its radical rebirth as a professional, sensitive organization complete with the currently-lacking office, phone number and credentials. If there is one sole reason for Gitty and others like her to jump the ship of faith, it is the Vaad HaTznius."

In the parlance of the Internet geeks, PWNED!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Typical behavior for the Jewish "so-called" news sites.

Like VIN, The Yeshiva Fart etc.

Watch what you say, my buddy Hesh got hacked by the TYF when he ripped em.

Joseph said...

VIN is a bunch of losers who can't spell a word for the life of them.

Mindy Schaper said...

Suitepotato, what is PWNED!

And if it doesnt explain your basic point, do you mind explaining it to me? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many of these frum sites would do Pravda proud.