Friday, September 05, 2008

Off Topic: Which Firefox Extensions/Add-Ons Do You Use?

I'm always on the lookout for new stuff for Firefox. Today I came across one that I wasn't aware of and added it to my Firefox application. However, I realized that my readers are probably aware of others that I might find useful. So, what does your Firefox look like?

Here's my list:

Forecast Fox (weather forecasts for my area in my status bar)
All In One Sidebar (a great way to help you organize your Firefox add-ins, downloads, etc.)
Colorful Tabs (makes each tab a separate color. A visual goodie, even if it doesn't add any real functionality.
Copy Plain Text (I use this all the time. Removes formatting elements from copied text).
Hebrew Calendar (puts the Hebrew date [and Shabbos start time on Fridays] in my status bar)
Tab Mix Plus (utility that gives you various tab-manipulation options)
Sifrei Kodesh Search (a utility that allows you to search various sifrei kodesh)
Add To Search Bar (the one I found today. This little utility allows you to add just about any website's search box to your Firefox search bar).

So, what do you use? I'd love to know.

The Wolf


Anonymous said...

*Book Burro - For easy comparison book shopping
*Scrapbook - For saving pages offline
*BugMeNot - accessing free sites that require signups
*AdBlock (and related extensions such as AdBlock Plus, FiltersetUpdater, etc.)
*Resurrect Pages - for retrieving dead pages from google (and other) archives
*IE View
*DragDropUpload - lets u drag files into file location textboxes instead of having to browse for them
*NukeAnything - for getting rid of junk before printing
*Better Gmail

I've got even more at home, but these are the ones I have at work.

typewriter said...

Some of the most useful add-ons I use:

- CookieCuller - cookie manager with more functionality than the inbuilt Firefox one
- FireGestures - Executes various commands e.g. 'close tab', with mouse gestures
- Flashblock - Blocks flash objects so you can only see them by clicking on them, which really helps lower Firefox's ram usage
- Taboo - lets you save a page at its scroll location, so you can go back to it later. Great for long blog posts. :)

Anonymous said...


Zach Kessin said...

The one I use most is Firebug, web development in javascript would be 50x more painful without it. I have the firebug window open at work most of the day. Web developer toolbar is also useful.

Colorzilla is pretty spiffy too

Rafi G. said...

I dont use too many. I use piclens and I just downloaded show location to show where a server being accessed is running.

I just installed a couple you recommended to see how they work out... the Hebrew date one looks lik eit will stay

SaraK said...

AdBlock - I love it.
WebMail notifier - awesome
Firebug at work
Selenium IDE at work

Anonymous said...

I love Foxmarks -- it keeps all my bookmarks synchronized (across, in my case, three separate computers). Don't know what I'd do w/o it!

Anyone know of an add-on that would alert me when a given web-site has updated their content? I really need something like that!!

Ezzie said...

I thought TabMixPlus didn't work with the new Firefox.

Faves are AllinOne, Foxmarks, ColorfulTabs, IE Tab, Sage.

Anonymous said...

*Better Gmail 2
*Download Statusbar
*FireGestures (control your browser with mouse gestures)
*greasemonkey (script manager that allows other extensions to work)
*IE Tab
*image zoom
*nuke anything
*searchbar autosizer
*session manager
*tab kit

Anonymous said...

SEO for firefox

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The best of all- pageranker
You type in any site and see where they rank on google for keywords. I always like to see where I rank for whacky keywords- if you SEO your blog its very helpful for tracking.

bluke said...

IETab - great for when a specific site only works with IE
FoxClocks - lets you see the time around the world (crucial for me working in Israel with people around the world)
ForecastFox - keeps you up to date on the weather
PDF Download - i hate when PDF's open in the browser
FEBE - backup your firefox data. Crucial when switching laptops

Anonymous said...

Download Statusbar
User Agent Switcher
New Tab Homepage