Friday, January 09, 2009

A Worthwhile Event To Go To

I hope to attend. I hope you will too. I hope it's productive, peaceful and a Kiddush HaShem.

And I also hope SuperRaizy won't mind that I ripped this graphic right off of her blog... though I suspect she won't.

The Wolf


SuperRaizy said...

Of course I don't mind, I'm glad you're spreading the word too. Anyway, I ripped the graphic off of the UJA website.

-suitepotato- said...

Wish I could make it but central CT is a bit of a ways off.

Have a great time, and give a cheer for me.

Anonymous said...

B'tselem Statistics Fatalities
Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces: 4781 (Palestine), 69 (Israel)
Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians: 237 (Palestine), 490 (Israel)
Israeli security force personnel killed by Palestinians: 245 (Palestine), 90 (Israel)
Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in the Occupied Territories
29 Sept 2000 - 16 Nov 2008
(a very detailled list with names, ages, and circumstances surrounding death)
4781 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in the Occupied Territories

Remember These Children 2008 Memorial

more to be found:

---Really supporting Israel at this time, especially with what they are doing in Gaza, is just crude

Nice Jewish Guy said...


First of all, you have no way of knowing if these "statistics" are accurate: aside from women and children, how do you differentiate a Hamas militant from a civilian? Do they wear uniforms? Or are they guerilla fighters who can blend into the population?

It is acknowledged that Hamas is storing munitions in, and operating from, civiian areas. That lays responsibility for any civilian deaths at Hamas' feet.

As for the numbers, this is war. Would you feel better if the number of Israelis killed more closely approached that of the enemy? Where was the outrage at the Israeli civilians that dies from rockets launched from Gaza in the years since Israel withdrew until now?

Isn't it amazing how the same group that straps explosives to women and children, and sends them to die killing innocent Israelis, cries "humanitarian crisis!" when Israel strikes back.

The world has never like it when Israel defends itself. Never.

Do yourself a favor, PJ. Go to YouTube and search for IAF videos of aistrikes on munitions dumps and fighters in Gaza. You'll see them firing from mosques, and residential populated areas, you'll see the Israeli airstrikes causing secondary explosions from stored weapons that were stored in the homes. Right on your own screen. Stop being such a bleeding heart-- the Palestinians have no love for you, or for America, and would just as soon see you dead. Don't kid yourself. Or have you forgotten 9/11 already?

It boggles my mind, the fools in our midst.

Lion of Zion said...

is there a reserved vip section at the rally for bloggers?

Mikeinmidwood said...


Your an idiot. What would happen if there was a guy holding up a bank. Would you send one police officer to stop him? No you use enough force to stop him, and obviously Israel didnt send enough, to stop hamas, they are still being attacked by missiles every day.