Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Contest! Win A Signed Copy Of One Of My Photos!

Part of the methodology of becoming a better photographer (or becoming better at anything, I suppose), is listening to feedback -- both praise and criticism. At the end of every photography post, I put a line to the effect of "comments, criticisms and critiques are welcome." The reason, of course, is that it's easy for me to sit back and admire my own photos, but when people give you feedback (especially negative feedback) it motivates you to try and improve.

So, in that spirit, I'm basically asking for feedback on some of my pictures. I've chosen ten pictures from the ones that I previously put up on this blog. Click on the pictures to see larger versions. All you have to do, very simply, is pick two of them and comment on them. For the first, tell me what you like about the picture. For the second, tell me what you don't like and how I could have improved the shot.

That's it. Whomever has the best and most helpful comments (in my opinion) wins. While your comments could be full of photo-jargon ("you should have used an f-stop of f/11 instead of f/5.6..."), I won't be judging the winner based on purely technical matters. I'd love to hear from amateurs too and equal opportunity will be given to those to aren't professionals. While you don't have to send me three paragraphs on each photo, more than a sentence or two for each is appreciated.

Here are the ten pictures I've chosen (in random order):

On The Wings Of Gerber Daisies

April Showers


Borei M'orei HaAish

Trinity Church 9/11/2008

The Tranquil Road In the Salt Marsh

Hovering Bee

Manhattan Tulips


Close Up Flower

To enter, send your responses to (note that this is NOT my regular email address) and indicate by name which photos you are commenting on.

What's the prize? Well, the prize is a signed large size (12" x 18") print of the photo you picked as the one you liked. If you're in New York City and are we can arrange a meeting that is convenient to me, I'll even frame it and hand-deliver it. If not, I'll send the picture by mail (see the rules below) and Paypal some money to you for a frame (I'm scared of the idea of sending a frame by mail).

Additional Rules

The decision of the judges is final. There is no appeal. Contest void in Antarctica or where photography is forbidden by law. No deposit, no refund. Entries must be sent to the specified email address - while comments to this post or my regular email address are helpful and appreciated, they are not considered entries for the purpose of this contest. Photo will be signed "The Wolf" (sorry, you didn't think it would be that easy, did you?). Immediate family members are not eligible -- but then again I'd give them a signed print for the asking anyway. Photo will be mailed only in the U.S. or Canada -- if you reside elsewhere, you can still enter, but you'll have to get it from someone in the U.S. or Canada. Contest only open on days that have a "d" and "y" in their names. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands -- it won't help you to win, but it'll feel good. I will determine the exact amount to be sent via Paypal for a frame and my decision is final. The winner agrees to be identified by me as the winner by a nom du blog (or their real name, if they prefer -- if not, I'll keep your real name secret). In addition, the winner agrees to have their comments published when I choose the winner. Thirty days hath April, June, September and November. Contest ends June 1, 2009 at midnight EDT. All rights reserved. Have a nice day. Any questions, put it in the comments or send them to my regular email address -


Ezzie said...

{mutters about effort requirements}

BrooklynWolf said...

(mutters about mutterers) :)

The Wolf

E-Man said...

I must say that you really take amazing pictures.

SuperRaizy said...

Your "additional rules" made me laugh.

Eees said...

(Mutters about discrimination against immediate family members :(
...Wonders when she will get a signed print of her own..

Ezzie said...

Your latest post made me depressed, so I came back to this one. :)

Chana (CuriousJew) is here, and when I read off those questions, she noted simply "that's seriously sad".

You did get my e-mail, right?

BrooklynWolf said...


I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you (and Chana) sad.

In any event, yes, I got your email. :)

The Wolf

Ezzie said...


and lol - I meant in terms of how sad it is that that's all people would ask. Sigh. Whatever happened to tackling real issues?

This isn't much better on the MO side, either, I think. I was interviewed today for a documentary - it seems, though I hope I'm wrong, that there's a certain agenda and it's not going to be a helpful one at all.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Somewhat off-topic, but I think your nice, sharp images suffer in picasaweb's rendering; the jpeg compression is not very good when they resize and serve pictures. For that reason I gave up on picasaweb in favour of flickr a little while ago. Same pictures look nicer on the web. I did it with a grudge, since I use Google for everything. Picasaweb is good for exchanging family snapshots, but unfortunately not for showing them off. So I now use both myself.