Monday, March 15, 2010

What Happened To My Old Blogger Comments?

I was just reading an old post of mine and I noticed that there were no comments on the post. I know that that was odd because I *remember* receiving comments on that post.

Looking further, I see that none of my pre-May 2006 posts have comments. They're all just... gone.

Does anyone else have this problem on their blog? Do you know the cause?


The Wolf


Anonymous said...

Desperate newbies, maybe?

Anonymous said...

It's weird, because I just noticed that a post of mine from two months ago is missing one comment as well. It's only one, and it was not left by someone with a profile, so they couldn't have deleted it. I'm very befuddled as well...

Jewish Atheist said...

That's disturbing.

My old posts still have comments.