Friday, April 02, 2010

Photo: Sunset Over The Hudson

I took this shot last night as the sun was going down over New Jersey. I took it by Pier 42 (that's the crumbling pier in the picture) in Hudson River Park.

Canon XSi, 18-55mm lens at 18mm, f/5, 1/200 sec, circular polarizing filter.

As always, comments, critiques and criticisms are welcome, encouraged and appreciated.

The Wolf

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SuperRaizy said...

Beautiful shot.

rejewvenator said...

You used the pier to make good leading lines into the sunset, but I think there's a competition between the sky and water in your photo - I'm not sure which I'm supposed to pay attention to. I think that's partially because you put the horizon right in the middle of your photo. If you had crouched down further, and then angled your lens so that most of the frame was water, I think you would have had a more dramatic shot.

There's also some distracting elements, like the boat that sticking into the left-hand side of your shot, that you should have composed out.

Anonymous said...

Wolf, nice shot but as the prior commenter said the mid frame horizon detracts from the shot. Google and see if you can find the rule of thirds.

Ariella's blog said...

very nice. It takes some skill to get good shots in low light.