Thursday, October 14, 2010

See? Science and Torah Can Agree!

The Boston Globe is reporting that genealogists have discovered that President Barack Obama is a distant cousin of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin -- high profile members of the opposition political party.

I don't really care to comment about Obama, Limbaugh or Palin -- you'll notice that I rarely, if ever, bring up politics on this blog. But the article brought me to an interesting conclusion -- that there is one thing that even the most ardent Biblical literalist and the most atheistic evolutionist can agree on -- that if you trace back far enough, all human beings are related to each other.

See, science and Torah can agree! :)

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No spam. (Yes, an off-topic link not related to the subject at hand is spam -- even if it's Torah-related.) This post has nothing to do with Har Sinai.

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Ben Torah said...

Don't all human beings share a common ancestor with apes?

sarah said...

Evolutionist and bible literalits basically agree on everything: 5770, there were humans and more or less all the kinds of animals that exist now.

Just don't argue about what came before this date...

Garnel Ironheart said...

According to geneticists, the common ancestor theory of humanity is proven through mitochondrial DNA. Since eggs have mitochondria and sperm don't, all humans have their mother's mitochondrial DNA allowing tracing methods to check back through history and see which populations came from where. Genetic "Eve" existed somewhere in northeast Africa around 13000 years ago according to this theory.

Anonymous said...

There is a very very good reason why The Law of Moses (Pentateuch) incorporates very detailed and rather scientific description of the Mishkan. Unlike holy books of other religions, The Law of Moses makes it very clear that science and Torah must go hand in hand.

That is why study of the Mishkan description is paramount to proper development of Jewish religion. Especially in our days!

When it is not done (last ~30 years) Torah becomes quickly obsolete and irrelevant to the society. Just like today's ultra-orthodox denominations.

Here is a link to my blog (if you dont mind):