Friday, December 10, 2010

Photos: Autumn Highway

Back in October, I spent a day up in Harriman State Park, taking pictures of the fall foliage. Here's one of the shots I took that day:

Canon Xsi, 39mm, f/5, 1/60 second.

As always, comments, critiques and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.

The Wolf


Anonymous said...

makes you wanna run along the trees and leafs. beautiful pics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture as always wolf. One quick critique, I think having a broader depth of field would have brought out the back trees a bit more, perhaps something along the lines of f11. I realize that you shot this at 1/60th so that would bring your ISO up, but just something to consider. I feel like my eye is drawn to the street and just the trees as an afterthought. keep up the great work!

Silk Tallit said...

Wow an amazing picture. I love those Autumn atmosphere pictures

Lakewood Falling Down said...

I'm expecting some blizzard pictures!

Joy said...

Oh, How I miss upstate NY! Gorgeous!