Friday, May 06, 2011

The Irony... (UPDATED)

You've got to love it when a weekly newspaper such as the Israeli Yated puts the following letter in their paper.

All of the weeklies and freebies, including Mishpachah, distort and blur the holy Torah world view we received from our rabbonim and one should not, choliloh, bring newspapers of this sort into the home or promote them in any way.

And granting any hechsher to such newspapers is clearly out of the question.

This applies even more to radio of any kind and all Internet sites, all of which are provocative and destroy the soul, and are the root of impurities and harm.

Signing at the end of Nisan 5771.

Nissim Karelitz

Perhaps my reading skills are lacking, but do you see any exemption for the Yated (which, I believe is a weekly publication)?

On a side note, it looks like Mishpacha is "officially" out.  

UPDATED (5/6 3PM EDT):  Well, now, that's embarrassing.  S. informs me that the Yated is a daily and not a weekly and hence not included in the above referenced statement.  There goes the point of the post.  My apologies to the Yated for the error.

The Wolf


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Mishpachah has been walking a fine line ever since it did a favourable article on that great apikorus Rav Hershel Shechter and quoted Rav Shlomo Aviner, a dirty Zionist, approvingly in another article.
Or maybe it was the time they asked Rav Michael Broyde for input on an article on divorce...

Anonymous said...

Since Matan Torah, Yiddishkeit was never afraid of questions and considering different viewpoints. (Just look in the Gemorah). It is incredibly sad that we seem so intent on destroying this strength.

S. said...

Yated in Israel is a daily (and it is not free), so indeed, it is not included in this proclamation.

BrooklynWolf said...

Yated in Israel is a daily

Is it? I did not know that. I assumed it was a weekly because (a) the American version is a weekly and (b) they only update their site once a week.

Thanks for the info. I'll adjust the post accordingly.

The Wolf

Chaim said...

I think the English Yated in Israel (ie. is a weekly.

Chaim said...

Also, does this ban include Ami Magazine?

S. said...

>I think the English Yated in Israel (ie. is a weekly.

Maybe (it says "Published Weekly" on their web site) but if it is basically a digest of the Hebrew Yated (presumably) then it really can't be considered one of the weeklies.

And anyway, look at the names in the second letter - not exactly the big guns:

and, apparently, they could not get anyone else to put their name on R. Nissim Karelitz's alleged letter. What, they couldn't wait a few days to print it? Clearly they couldn't get any big name besides him to sign it.

S. said...

For the sake of accuracy, it appears that they got R Chaim Kanievsky to agree as well:

I can't wait for the day when someone finally sits the elderly Gedolim down to a computer and actually shows them what the internet is.

G*3 said...

It loses the irony, but not the stupidity.

What's the difference between weeklies and dailies that the former is treif and the latter is okay?

> I can't wait for the day when someone finally sits the elderly Gedolim down to a computer and actually shows them what the internet is.


miriamp said...

So the Lakewood matzo bakery site (to pick something not quite random) is a treif site too? The matzo had hashgacha on it. (I find it amusing that that particular matzo bakery maintains an internet presence and sells their expensive hand shmurah matzo online.)

Fozzie said...

You are missing the broader point: what's going on here is thought-control.

megapixel said...

wow! there goes my shabbos reading material. i'll have to go back to Glamour and People. they dont distort Torah values...