Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Administrative Note: Issues With Photo Theft

I've noticed that some of my photos were being stolen from this site and being used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  I don't suspect any of this blog's usual readers of this activity... it's largely (I suspect) people using Google to search for images that fit their needs and, since Blogger and Picasa are Google-owned sites, they come up high in the searches.  Part of the fault lies with me for not taking steps earlier to prevent this theft.

In any event, I've disabled some of the pics and will be changing some of the photo posts I made in the past.  The changes will all be measure to minimize photo theft.  Other than the actual photos, no content to any post (photo-related or otherwise) will be changed.

Some of you may see some of the photo posts appear in the RSS feed after I make the changes.

My apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

The Wolf


Ed said...

We all like your posts so do what you need to, to protect them.

zach said...

Watermark 'em?

Anonymous said...

What a complement to you, though - your photos are so great, who wouldn't want to steal them?

Gary said...

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