Sunday, September 06, 2015

Glad To See Some Sanity In Lakewood

At the start of Elul, three prominent Rabbis in the Yeshiva community - Rabbis Shmuel Kaminetzky, Mattisyahu Salomon and Malkiel Kotler, distributed a letter stating that yeshivos must accept children who are unvaccinated.

The letter itself is flawed in several ways.  First, and foremost, it's flawed in that it presents the idea that not vaccinating your children against dangerous diseases is an acceptable lifestyle choice.  But even beyond that, it has other serious flaws.

Below is the letter, as presented on

In the second bullet point, they raise the point that vaccines present risk and that the United States Supreme Court stated that they are "unavoidably unsafe."  Since they are "unavoidably unsafe," no one has the halachic right to force vaccination.

Let's take a closer look at this and start with the first statement.  When something is described as "unavoidably unsafe," it sounds downright dangerous.  But, in reality, that's not the case.  In fact, it's a product that, while potentially unsafe, *should* be used due to it's great utility and that the benefits outweigh any potential risks.

An "unavoidably unsafe" product is, perhaps, best defined by a comment that defines them in the Second Restatement of the Law of Torts, section 402A.

Unavoidably unsafe products. There are some products which, in the present state of human knowledge, are quite incapable of being made safe for their intended and ordinary use. These are especially common in the field of drugs. An outstanding example is the vaccine for the Pasteur treatment of rabies, which not uncommonly leads to very serious and damaging consequences when it is injected. Since the disease itself invariably leads to a dreadful death, both the marketing and use of the vaccine are fully justified, notwithstanding the unavoidable high degree of risk which they involve. Such a product, properly prepared, and accompanied by proper directions and warning, is not defective, nor is it unreasonably dangerous. The same is true of many other drugs, vaccines, and the like, many of which for this very reason cannot legally be sold except to physicians, or under the prescription of a physician. 

The point being made here is that (as in the example) the treatment for rabies has some very serious side effects.  Nonetheless, since the disease itself otherwise leads to a near-certain horrible death, the use of such products is fully justified.  And, as the final sentence says, the same is true for other drugs and vaccines.

In other words, a product that is "unavoidably unsafe" is not a product that is in any way defective or dangerous.  On the contrary, it's a product that, due to it's importance, should be used, despite the potential for side effects.  Much like laypeople confuse the term "theory" when it comes to evolution, not realizing that it has a specific meaning when it comes to science, so too, people misunderstand "unavoidably unsafe" when it is used in law.

In addition, it must be pointed out that I find it highly interesting that these Rabbis are willing to put so much weight behind the words of the Supreme Court (as they misunderstand them).  The justices of the United States Supreme Court are experts at law.  They are not experts in medicine.  If they were to proclaim that the measles vaccine were the most dangerous thing ever invented, that would not make it so -- especially if, in the opinion of virtually the entire medical establishment, the vaccine were safe.  I find it very telling that they chose to base their decision on whether or not schools should mandate vaccines for attending children on the basis of a Supreme Court statement rather than on the basis of the medical establishment who are far more knowledgeable about vaccines.

Fortunately, there are those in Lakewood who are not taking this silently.  This week's Voice of Lakewood has a full-page advertisement (page 266) from medical professionals in the Lakewood community.

It is certainly heartening to see responsible professionals standing up and making a public statement to protect children from preventable childhood diseases.  Hopefully, people will learn to put more trust in doctors when it comes to medical issues than they do in Rabbis who do not have the training or knowledge to deal with issues such as these.

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Mr. Cohen said...

How French Police Handle Anti-Jewish Attacks

Judge after judge told him [Sammy Ghozlan,
a 72-year-old retired Paris police commissioner]:

“There is no anti-Semitism charge applicable unless someone dies.”

SOURCE: New Dangers for the Jews of Paris
by Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair magazine, August 2015, page 114

Mr. Cohen said...

The Rabbis of Lakewood have publicly protested against yeshivahs that refuse to accept children whose parents did not vaccinate them.

When will the Rabbis of Lakewood publicly protest against yeshivahs that refuse to accept children whose parents are Sephardic or Baalei Teshuvah?

Mr. Cohen said...

Israel is being buried-alive under an
avalanche of media bias and false accusations.

These web sites can help refute those biases
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Anonymous said...

Anti-vaxxers are deaf to logic.

Anonymous said...

Anti-vaxxers claim that all autism is caused by vaccines. I was diagnosed with a form of autism as a child and I wouldn't trade it for any of the diseases I was vaccinated against.

in the vanguard said...

In my humble opinion no good proof on vaccinations exist. There's data that polio's been eliminated but it's strictly anecdotal evidence. The main reason for its disappearance was good nutrition.

You'll find too those inoculated against measles/chicken pox can still get those.

Now with the Corona plaguing America, watch what's happening. Notice the cure of Hydroxychloroquine (as Dr Zelenko cured all his patients with) is scorned by BigPharma. Why? Because there's no money in that to profit. What BigPharma is really aiming at is scaring the public to acquiesce to forced national en masse inoculations.

Vaccinations are preserved with the deadliest poison, namely, mercury. Many children have become debilitated thereby and got autism. The doctor who discovered that autism can be cured via probiotics, Dr Jeff Bradstreet, was thus assassinated by BigPharma. They won't stand for cures, especially cheap ones that they can't get patents for.

The same good people that tell you vaccinations are effective and safe also tell you that fluoride in your drinking water is also safe and good for you. That you must wear masks and gloves to handle any fluoride in a lab, because it too is a horrible poison, is something they won't tell you. And that Vitamin C or E is also good for you, but that you have to pay for over the counter, and won't put it into your drinking water - free, as the do fluoride, they also won't do. Ever wonder why? Did you ever discover why they put fluoride in your water in the first place? It behooves you to find out.

Vaccinations have never been scientifically proven effective. Just show me one such study. And if they are of value, let them give it orally, so the body can sense it from its normal entry point, instead of not giving the tissues that might properly fend off the attack at the appropriate tissue level, before it even enters the blood. Circumventing this route is also abusively invasive.

Why not just deliver antibodies from infected plasma rather than go the vaccination route?

Yes, the math that shows exponential spread of disease is horrible, but the side effects they don't publicize are worse.

And why do you think vaccination's heavy promoters always have association with eugenisists? Because that way it's easy to dumb down the public (eg with mercury, terribly neurotoxic), or simply when the time comes simply eliminate undesirables. I'm just thinking aloud here and don't think I'm axaggerating. It is mainly, however, a big source of money for BigPharma and the likes of Bill Gates.

This conspiracy goes hand in hand with the demands made on the worldwide community regarding CODEX, where they want to control who sells the GMO seeds, and none others, what foods or supplements, and how much of these, you can have.

Vaccinations makes a lot of sense biologically but read more about it and you'll see that if the body has good nutrition, most diseases will come and go without any vaccinations. The terrain is what's all-important, as Beachampe proclaimed, and not the offending attacking agent, as Pasteur had argued back then. I have yet to find one scientific study that proves that vaccines have merit.

It's been some 100 years now that BigPharma has ruled and shaped conventional medicine. Finally some light is being shed on just who these quacks (they're the real quacks, and not those they condemn) in the present Chinese virus phenomenon, and hopefully more people will wake up to the evil the BigPharma mafia is perpetrating. If I would provide you with the huge list of worthy investigators and scientists who have been banned, forced to flee to Mexico or simply eliminated, you wouldn't believe this could be.

Please before making unfounded claims, do some serious research. It's too bad that most schools and yeshivas and rabbis also fall for this dogma, unwittingly, and our poor children must thereby suffer.

Everybody who needs one should have a רפואה שלמה! Zei gezunt!

in the vanguard said...

... and here's a story that made some headlines - today, no less!

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