Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On How Life Imitates Blogging

It's kind of interesting how I posted the Seven Things post right before Yom Tov, simply because a few of them were reinforced over the holiday.

I lained (as I usually do) and did a pretty good job. I also lained the Haftorah, which I did pretty well. Then they asked me to daven Musaf. If you look at the list of seven things I can't do, the first one is "carry a tune." And boy was it proved. My Kah Keili was waaaaaay off. And yet, they keep asking me to daven...

We also bought a new table for our sukkah. I thought I bought one that was 36 inches wide. It took a guest to confirm for me that it was only 30, not 36. D'oh! That's covered under my inability to visually and judge distances.

The Wolf


Anonymous said...

Its a really nice table, and the confirmation of the width of the succah came from reading the dimentions listed on the box. Perhaps it shouldn't be listed under inability to visually judge distances..maybe its more like "ability to read box".
Either way, its a great table, and I love you!

Rebeljew said...

eeees (Mrs. Wolf I presume)

No REAL MAN would read the box. Come on, get real.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am Mrs. Wolf, and I can attest to the fact that I am married to a REAL (really wonderful) Wolfish Man.