Friday, October 28, 2005

On More Heshy Hilarity

I know I really shouldn't do this. It's just granting more attention to someone who really doesn't deserve it. Yet, like a child with a scab, I keep feeling the need to pick at it and pick at it and pick at it -- even though it's not going to heal.

Our pal Heshy has been at it again. His latest screed is entitled "Satmer is pro-Israel while Modern Orthodox are anti-Israel."

Heshy obviously went to the Big Brother school of logic, where "War is Peace" and "Freedom is Slavery." This is just soooo loopy that I'm not quite sure where to begin.

He starts out by bringing a supposed conversation between the Satmar rebbe and a Mr. Luchins to prove that Satmars are pro-Israel. Never mind the fact that there is no proof that this conversation ever took place. Never mind the fact that even if it did take place, a one-time comment by the Rebbe hardly means that the movement as a whole is pro-Israel. I guess the Rebbe must have missed the booing Mayor Bloomberg got for his stating in front of them that he was pro-Israel.

He then goes on to state that the Modern Orthodox are anti-Israel since "Their leaders were the first to shake hands with murders like Yassir Arafat just to enhance their egos and public images." He then goes on to lose based on Godwin's Law by stating that Modern Orthodox leaders "spew hatred of ultra-Orthodox Jews in public and private no less than Goering and the SS Nazi propaganda machine." (bolding mine).

He then goes on to laud Neturei Karta as heroes because they "infiltrate" international terrorist organizations (proof, Heshy?)

One anonymous commentator put it best:

Moron, ben Moron:
1 - If Luchins whispered it into the Stamar guy's ear, how did you hear about it?
2 - The first people to shake Arafat's hand weren't the MO leadership, but the Naturai Karta - and they are as Ultra as Ultra gets.
3 - Who from the Modern Orthodox shook Arafats hand? Or is Rabin a Modern Orthodox Jew in the bizarro land you inhabit?

But of course, we know what kind of bizarro land Heshy inhabits. He inhabits a bizarro world where:
And the topper of it all, the grand prize of Heshy lunacy...
In truth, as far as Heshy is concerned, I'm curious about one thing that maybe someone else can answer for us:

What terrible sins have we done that we have Heshy in our midst?

The Wolf


Anonymous said...

when you're arguing with a fool, bystanders may not be able to tell the diffrence.

respondingtojblogs said...

I think you have better things to do with your time than pick on the unfortunate.

Jack Steiner said...

He makes for interesting reading, to say the least.

Rebeljew said...

You forgot about the chanting tikun chatzos in coffin in an undisclosed basement location.

And seriously, what kind of true black hatter calls the UO by the name ultra-orthodox. In their minds, they are are orthodox and MO is reform. He is obviously a provocateur.

Anonymous said...

What terrible sins...?

Its obvious to me that the Lord is angry at us for the terrible sin of bitul zman, so He sent Heshy as a punishment.

topshadchan said...

i think i know who this heshy is, i think he is the world famous heshy from boro park.
see my comment on his website that you linked to for more details.