Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's A Good Day

What a weekend it's been!

On Friday I finally went to a doctor to get some help for a sore throat that had been bothering me for a week. It was rapidly becoming unbearable, and, for a ba'al kriah, a sore throat is bad news.

On Saturday night, one of my kids' schools had their annual dinner. It was a nice affair - long, boring and full of speeches. However, I must have eaten something that made me horribly sick - I ended up spending most of the night in the bathroom.

On Sunday night, I nearly lost my mother.* She had been in the hospital for a blood problem when her blood pressure suddenly plummetted, right through the floor. For over an hour and a half the doctors worked on her, trying to get her stable. She had to be intubated and emergency surgery done to find out where she was losing blood from.

After a few shaky hours, the doctor (who, mind you, was supposed to go on vacation last week and put it off because of my mother) came down and told us that her bleeding was under control and that she was going to be kept in the ICU for a while. I went up to see her in the ICU after the opeartion for a few minutes on Sunday night. She looked horrible - tubes everywhere (including the breathing tube), her hair a mess, her face showing pain. Even though she was sedated, I knew she could hear me speaking because she twitched slightly when I spoke to her.

Most of Monday (I was off for the holiday) was spent at the hospital. The breathing tube came out, she was alert and concious and wants to go home (always a good sign for her). She's still going to be in the ICU for a while, but things are looking better.

So, all things considered, if things had gone slightly different, I could have found myself this morning sitting shiva, unable to speak and sick to my stomach and not wanting a housefull of people. Instead, here I am at work this morning with my throat still hurting a bit (much less than earlier) and no stomach illness.

It's a good day.

The Wolf

*My mother has a looooooooooong and complicated medical history. If I told you the half of it, you wouldn't believe one person could go through so much.


Anonymous said...

Refuah Shleimah to you and your mother.

queeniesmom said...

B"H she's doing much better. Refuah Shelamah to your Mom. Hope you feel better, too.

Anonymous said...

Refuah sheleimah. I'm glad she's doing better. Hope your throat's better, too.

Anonymous said...

My MILs name for tehillim is Chana Bracha Sorah bas Pessel Chaya. All tfilot are appreciated. She's more stable now, and she was moved out of the ICU to a "regular room" (still in the hospital, but definitely a change for the better).
Hubby's throat is better..but its my turn now.

Anonymous said...

may she have a refuah shleima but if you are not feeling well maybe just maybe you shouldnt go visit her in the state she is in

Anonymous said...

Actually, I didn't go for over a week (doctor's orders) for both my sake and her's. B"H, I'm feeling much better now, and have been able to visit.