Monday, July 03, 2006

Theme Challas, part II

Last Channukah, I posted about my wife's dreidel challahs. Well, last month, our fifteenth anniversary came out on a Friday. So, to celebrate, my lovely and talented wife (eeees) made 15th anniversary challahs!

While they were delicious, I'm glad they weren't made out of crystal (the traditional 15th anniversary gift!).

The Wolf


Orthonomics said...

My husband says that the numbers must be hard to do, but the shape, "not so hard." So, I have invited him to get busy and maybe by anniversary, he will post HIS picture on my blog.

P.S. Your wife is amazing!!! I need lessons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment, Sephardilady!
You whatever dough recipe you wish. Then you roll out the portions of dough that you would have used for one challah with a rolling pin. You then cut the challah into the desired shape with a sharp knife. The numbers were actually alot easier than the rolling out and cutting of the dough. You just take small pieces of dough to form them (the "5" was made up of 3 different pieces.
I think that the credit should go to my wonderful husband, who figured out how to cut them without breaking up the letters. I totally didn't think about the problems involved with cutting up the letters on Shabbos! He managed beautifully (and we had the strangest challah pieces that week!)

Rebeljew said...

Friends of ours do this at certain times of year as a family tradition. They have one challah a year shaped like a hand, one shaped like Jacob's later, and after Pesach, one shaped like a key. The family says it goes back generations.

Orthonomics said...

Thanks for the tips eeees. I will have to give this shaped Challah making a try. I take it water challah will not work, and I will need to make an egg challah? (That could be done on occassion).

Anonymous said...

I'm not so familiar with the baking of water challah...why would you think that it wouldn't work?

Orthonomics said...

My water challah is really sticky. I don't braid it or anything because of how sticky it is. So, I just wet my hands and throw balls of it into my pans for baking. I can't even imagine rolling it out.

I think I will ask around to find a water challah receipe that is less sticky so I can give this shaped challah baking a try.

I would love to create something neat by Chanukah time.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried adding flour to the recipe? When my challah dough turns out "sticky" I add flour to it until it is more functional.
Would it spoil the recipe if you did so?