Saturday, August 19, 2006

National Geographic - Hareidi-Style

This week's Mishpacha magazine reports that National Geographic will be putting out a Hebrew edition aimed at the Torah-observant Jewry. The article notes that National Geographic has been been publishing in full color since 1962, but often discusses scientific theories that are "at odds with the Torah." This new edition, however, will be edited with "extreme sensitivity and refinement" so that Hareidim won't come into contact with anything that might possibly cause anyone to become interested in science.

I personally don't know if the magazine will adopt a Yated-like policy with regard to pictures of women, but if they do, here's a sampling of what to expect:

The Wolf


Zev Stern said...


Pesky Settler said...

but her hair is showing!!!!

THey've had one in Hebrew for quite a number of years already. I'm not sure what the magazine will look like or contain ifit's geared to those wo don't believe in much of the science in NG anyway...

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

national geographic (just like modern life) without science?


at least maybe it'll inspire some people to go out and learn something, or at least get the real version.