Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I Need To Learn... just keep out of it if the person involved doesn't really seem to want help. And especially when they seem to think that bashing entire groups of people is the answer to their problems.

(Yeah, I know that's somewhat cryptic to most of you. Those who know what I'm talking about will know).

The Wolf


Ahavah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BrooklynWolf said...

Ahavah Gayle,

Thanks for your post. I took it down simply because I don't want to direct any additional traffic there (and while your post didn't have a direct link, it was enough info to give someone a lead).

I hope she finds happiness and can come to some sort of happy reconciliation with her situation.

The Wolf

Anonymous said...

The OTHER blog seems too bizarre to be true. I can't believe you wasted so much time responding to nonsense. Even if it is true, you accomplished nothing and still responsed to nonsense.

went through it said...

Hi Wolfe,
thanks for contribuating at the other blog. The comments you made were wise and to the point.

Perhaps they will not listen to you, but at least your comments prompted further information that showed that the situation is very complex.

went through it said...

PS: @ahavah gayle:
Does it not strike you that this could be a girl running away from abuse, according to some details published on this blog?

Anonymous said...

What you got yourself into is more than surreal-- I wondered what took you so long to realize it.

What's really disturbing is the Facebook entry: he ain't no Lubavitch (aside from the vort being in BP and not CH); and the juxtaposition of the vort pics with the rest of the albums is troubling to say the least-- not so much from a frumkeit or tznius perspective-- more from a concern of an unstable personality 'tantzing auf beider chasunahs'. What's mind-blowing no matter which side you take is the boy's family's position-- how and why did they ever get into the middle of this?

I'm a casual bystander when it comes to blogging-- this is the first time I felt such a strong crossover to the brick-and-mortar world of people's lives. This feeling results not from idle curiosity of salacious voyeurism-- since I stumbled across the blog, the whole situation has been rattling around in the back of my brain; this seems to be a case in which NEITHER side is legit. I would say that further participation is simply feeding more fuel on a fire of unknown proportions and nature.

Anonymous said...

i am annoyed i have no idea what is going on and which site you are talking about, sounds like an interesting read

Anonymous said...

Wolf, I saw your comments. They were thoughtful and kind. You may not be able to help that mother, but your words might be of help to others who stumbled onto that site.

Anonymous said...

the mom constantly complains about her daughter's mental thinks the teapot is calling the kettle black (v'hm).

i would like to see that facebook entry that anon 8:50 is referring to. i was unable to find it.

git voch, from der snag

Lion of Zion said...

not fair

Lion of Zion said...


"thanks" to der snag, i just wasted way more time than i should have on that blog. i can't beleive you not only wasted time reading it, but also commenting on it.

although your comments were excellent. well thought out, insightful, well said, constructive, respectful, etc.


"me thinks the teapot is calling the kettle black"

i had the same thought
(and there is a strong genetic predisposition to biopolar disorder)