Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How To Prevent A Breech Birth? -- Part II

Back in May, I posted about a friend who was expecting and the baby was in a breech position. One of the things that was recommended to her was to make sure the seforim (Judaica books) in the house were turned in the upright position. At that time, I asked if anyone had a source for this "segulah" or if it was simply an old-wives tale.

Well, it seems that we now have an answer: according to Rafi, the segulah is attributed to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, the son of the Steipler. Interestingly, he also brings another... odd... segulah for turning the baby as well from Rav Yisrael Yaakov Fisher .

He (supposedly) said regarding a breech baby: the husband and wife have to stroll down to Lifta (a natural spring at the entrance to Jerusalem) or Moza (the site of another natural spring, just outside Jerusalem) -

Note: I assume this means any natural spring would work, but he mentioned those two. Or maybe he was specific to these two, so do not hold me responsible if you try it elsewhere and it does not work.

the husband then have to get some spring water into your mouth and put it directly into the wife's mouth.. 3 times! I think she has to drink the water, but the person telling me was not clear on that..

according to R' Fisher - if that doesn't work the baby wasn't meant to turn... and it is dangerous for it to turn.. (hmmm...that means it is not the segulah not working, but it was not meant to be. so you never know if the segulah really works or not.)

The Wolf


Miriam said...

That segulah (re: spring) is not so new.

Incidently, in secular world, they say also a jaccuzi will do (but i've never been to a jaccuzi, so i only hope the water isn't super hot -that would be not good)

Anonymous said...

What a bubbe maiseh!Everyone knows the best segulah against a breech birth is for the husband to wear green socks and sing"Or Zarua La'Tzadik" to the tune of "For he's a jolly good fellow" while watching the Three Stooges.. for some of the more superstitious,it is believed that doing the Ribono shel Olam's will to the best of one's ability can provide some protection.I've even heard that regular medical visits for the mother-to-be are helpful.

Anonymous said...

IF the segulah works, do it.

Anonymous said...

This segulah worked for my sister. Her husband found a couple seforim upside down and immeadiately turned them the right way and by her next appointment the baby turned around during very late stage of pregnancy and b'h there was no complications. So, while first instinct is to ridicule some of these sugalahs, sometimes they have there roots and work.

BrooklynWolf said...


You don't know that it worked *because* your brother in law turned over the sefarim.

Google "post hoc ergo prompter hoc."

The Wolf

Anonymous said...

Help! The Wolf has fallen and can't get up! If someone as rational as Wolf is discussing the prevention of breech births by righting seforim, humans, as a species, are doomed!