Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We All Need A Laugh: Proof That Moshe Was a Satmar.

This *has* to be theater of the absurd. I'd hate to think that anyone actually thinks this way.

Hat tip: DaBoys from Chaptzem

The Wolf

UPDATE: After going to the actual YouTube page, I see that it *is* theater of the absurd, but it was inspired by reasoning just as scary.

The Wolf


Anonymous said...

Its life Jim, but not as we know it! :)

Mordechai said...

What logic on how Moshe was not a misnagdim! Hahaha.

Unknown said...

Is this daas Torah in action?

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys know "tongue in cheek"? By the same token, I can prove that Moshe was not a Litvak, since he confused sen'uoh and seni'oh in Ki Setze, not to mention Mehuyo'el and Mehiyo'el in Bereshis.

Anonymous said...

Moshee was born in Egypt; he was,therefore, probably a Sephardi.

Anonymous said...

and another proof that he was a Sephardi is that there are no Ashkenazim whose last name is "Rabenu"

David said...

I see your point: if he was Ashkenazi his last name should be Rabinovikz not Rabeinu, but Moishe Rabbeinu was not sephardi either because his name is Moishe not Moshe.

Anyways, I hope you all realize, this video is just a joke, and the guy is just playing around, you dont have to take everything so seriously:
"Is this daas Torah in action?"

Its like a purim drasha. (the accent is probably a joke too btw)